Why join the PLC? 

You can…

  • Be part of a collaborative and safe learning community.
  • Join a small group (learning team) where community members work with each other to break down physics concepts.
  • Gain access to worksheets that supplement your course.
  • Participate in collaborative, active learning sessions to help prepare you for exams.
  • Learn metacognitive study strategies to help your learning in any course.
  • Build motivation and find study partners who are as motivated as you!

Who should join the PLC? 

If you are…

  • Looking to collaborate with others to deepen your understanding of physics concepts.
  • Interested in practicing and learning physics in a relaxed environment.
  • Wanting to gain different perspectives into physics concepts and learn different strategies.
  • Looking for extra practice to cement physics concepts.
  • Needing discipline to set time every week to study physics.

Can I join the PLC without joining a learning team?

  • Yes! You will get access to our worksheets, other materials, and resources for learning how to study more effectively.

What do learning teams do?

  • Learning teams meet twice per week and are an opportunity for students to build on their learning from lecture, discussion, and lab.  Students ask questions, discuss concepts, and work through problems in groups.  Because of the collaborative nature of our learning teams, we strongly encourage regular attendance so that all students benefit from this environment.

Do learning teams fill up?

  • It is best to apply early in the semester but we try to have some space available throughout the semester.

What does the PLC NOT do?

We do not…

  • Help with homework, quizzes, discussions, or labs which are provided by your course instructor and teaching assistants.
  • Provide regular “drop-in” tutoring.
  • Provide 1 on 1 tutoring.
  • Support all physics courses.