The Physics Learning Center (PLC) was started in the early 2000’s by Susan Nossal (PLC director) to address the needs of students taking introductory physics courses.

We offer a variety of services for students in Physics 103, 104, 207, and 208.  They include small group study sessions (providing a supportive environment in which to learn physics), worksheets on physics concepts, and exam prep materials. 

Study groups (a.k.a “learning teams”) meet twice each week and are led by trained peer tutors and staff. 

There is no cost for participation in our programs. Although we do not have the resources to place everyone in a small group, we offer additional resources to all students who are interested in getting more from their physics course. While signing up early is helpful and provides maximum benefit, our program does not function on a first-come first-served basis. 

The Physics Learning Center has relationships with other University programs such as the Center for Academic Excellence, the Center for Educational Opportunity, the PEOPLE program, the POSSE program, First Wave, and the McBurney Center.

Please stop by or email us to learn more about our program. We look forward to meeting you!