PLC Peer Mentor Tutors

"We all support each other. It sometimes helps to explain things to each other."

PLC Peer Mentor Tutors

"Everyone could benefit from the PLC."

PLC Peer Mentor Tutors

"You foster a welcoming and positive environment for all, and I am so grateful I got to be a part of that."

The Physics Learning Center (PLC) is a supportive learning community for studying physics (103, 104, 207, and 208). Students have access to many different resources in the PLC, including study materials, exam review sessions, small-group learning teams, and help finding study partners. All PLC activities are led by trained peer tutors and staff, and our services are free of charge. Unlike other learning centers you do not have to join a learning team (a “group”) to take advantage of our other resources. For Physics 201 and 202 please see the Undergraduate Learning Center located in the College of Engineering.

For the Spring of 2021, all of the PLC activities including learning teams and reviews will be held online.

Interested in being a Peer Mentor Tutor for the Fall of 2021?  Check out the PMT Position page!

Learn Physics With Us

Come learn physics with us! The PLC offers many options to help you learn. They include peer mentoring groups of no more than eight students, review sessions, practice exams and other exam prep materials, and other online resources.